Haro Series One NOS in Yellow/White


NOS Haro Series One Number Plate

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Here is a Haro Series One Number plate NOS. This plate has Never Been Mounted. TRUE NOS. Here’s the story behind this plate. When I got this plate the face decal had a slice right down the middle of it. And normally I would not have popped on an item that is damaged like that. However, this particular plate came with a Haro replacement face. So I removed the damaged face decal and replaced it with an OFFICIAL OG Haro replacement Face Decal. This is NOT a repop face… I repeat… NOT A REPOP face decal. So this is how I can still advertise this as a NOS Haro Series One plate. So there you go…. the story behind this particular plate. Any questions hit me up. Thanks for stopping by. Stay Rad my friends. BG.